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Shanti Yoga Teacher Training - Om Beach India Pano
Shanti Yoga School 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Google 5-star Rating

Shanti Yoga School


5 Google reviews – April 2019

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."

- The Bhagavad Gita

What makes Shanti Yoga Teacher Training different?

Shanti Yoga School - Om Beach - India - 100 hour yoga teacher training

“Shanti means and that’s what you will learn. Inner peace. Outer peace. All-encompassing peace." - Tristan Cox

“I’ve attended many yoga classes, events, teachings, and trainings. I have over 500 hours of dedicated yoga training. I am a Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher) – the highest level. I’ve learned from the best and know what works and what doesn’t. I know what it takes to create life-changing experiences because I’ve lived them first-hand. I promise to constantly learn more so I can always improve the Shanti Yoga School program.

The biggest difference between this program and others is the peace and joy you will feel within and without. It is truly a life-changing experience that can’t be compared.

Join us for a teacher training and see for yourself. Learn more about our offerings. Get to know us. Let us help you get to know yourself. Hear from our past students. Reach out. Om shanti shanti shanti 🙏”

Shanti Yoga School - Lead Instructor - Tristan

Tristan Cox, Founder, Owner, Lead Trainer

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Where to start?

Do you want a life-changing experience? Learn more about yoga teacher training.

Too intense, or don’t have that much time? Look into yoga retreats or attend a drop-in class.

Can’t travel to us? Stream our workout videos or take an e-course.

Want to get to know us better? Read our story, meet our teachersbrowse the blog, or watch testimonials.

Shanti Yoga School - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Video Preview
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"I offer you I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that source in you. Let us work together for unity and love." - Gandhi

Why choose the 200-hour yoga teacher training with Shanti Yoga School?

Shanti Yoga Teacher Training - Classroom

This yoga teacher training program is the most well-rounded training available today. You will learn about all aspects of yoga from the classical, modern, physical, spiritual, energetic, and emotional.

You will take the world’s most popular and versatile physical yoga asana classes: hatha, vinyasa flow, yin, and restorative.

In addition you will be introduced to many ancient, often not taught, techniques to help you in the future: joint exercises, kriya (cleansing techniques), and Ayurveda – a school of ancient Indian medicine & yogas’ sister science.

Shanti Yoga offers donation-based yoga teacher training. There is a registration fee that covers the out-of-pocket costs for holding the training. The fee includes private accommodation (1 person per room). To keep costs low students are responsible for their own food.

Once the small registration fee is paid the yoga teacher training is provided. We do not expect additional payment, although students are encouraged to donate at the end of the program. Students who choose to donate are rewarded with additional future perks.

Shanti Yoga supports locals in numerous ways. Shanti Yoga supports the communities where we teach by purchasing local products whenever possible. At least 10% of profits per season are spent on local initiatives that benefit the community. Finally, we emphasize hiring locals whenever possible, which provides a necessary source of income.

We believe in giving back to our students in as many ways as we can. One student per training attends completely free via scholarship. Application must be approved and truly based on need. We offer a donation-based yoga teacher training course where the only charge to you is for covering the school’s expenses. If there’s need and aptitude we hire students to help with drop-ins and other tasks needed at the school. This provides valuable hands-on practice and experience. We utilize our numerous yogi contacts across the world to help our students in their future yoga careers, if they choose to pursue teaching. Finally, for students who join our repeat program they’re allowed to attend the same training as many times as they like in the future for free. They just have to pay for their own meals and accommodations. Wow!

Are the yoga teacher training programs certified, and what are the benefits?

Our yoga teacher training program is certified by Yoga Alliance at the 100 and 200 hour levels. We work with students on a 1×1 basis to custom-tailor programs for the 300 and 500 levels so they not only satisfy the Yoga Alliance criteria but also make sense given the students’ past training, current circumstances, and future needs.

Yoga Alliance is recognized internationally as the go-to standard. Some gyms, studios, or clients may require you to be certified by Yoga Alliance.

Even if you choose not to teach after the program – who knows where the universe will lead you? It’s better to have the certificate than not, even if you do not use it. The training itself will be worthwhile on its own. The certificate is just extra. And who knows? Maybe later you’ll feel a calling to teach and will be glad you have that certificate after all.

Shanti Yoga School Teacher Training Courses 200 hour 100 Yoga Alliance


There’s lots to discover in a Yoga Teacher Training. Here’s what we teach:

Where is Shanti Yoga School Located?

We have numerous locations throughout India to offer our students the best this beautiful country has to offer.

– Craving the ocean? Come to Om Beach near Gokarna from October through March.

– Where are we April through September? (Maybe USA – maybe Rishikesh!) The location changes yearly as we scout perfect locations with amazing weather and spiritual vibes. You can always contact us to ask about the locations we’re considering or make a suggestion.

Why India?

India is not only the birthplace of yoga. It’s also a spiritual country filled with beautiful people. Those who come to India are not just traveling the external world. They’re also searching for something within themselves. Come see all that India has to offer you.

What are yoga classes like during a yoga teacher training?

Shanti Yoga starts every class in the morning with a quick joint warmup. This warmup for the joints wakes up the body and prepares our students for the day. Your joint health is important. Sometimes our joints hold us back from progressing in our yoga asana practice.

After warm-up we do about 40-60 minutes of calisthenics – aka body weight exercises. These will not be too strenuous. Our program is designed to be comfortable for your current physicality while at the same time challenging enough for you to grow stronger – safely and effectively.

Following exercise we practice yoga asana. Starting with a few rounds of Surya Namaskar, we follow-up with a series of postures based on what we’re learning that day. We dive really deep into each pose – learning common limitations, adjustments, benefits, and counter-indications.

After learning a basic set of yoga postures our asana classes transition. One day we might learn a Vinyasa Flow. If we notice our students are tired and sore we might offer Yin/Restorative yoga classes. Other days we might learn variations of poses.

Unlike some schools that require two asana classes per day we find it best to have a longer session in the morning and use the rest of the day to relax & recover. This reduces chance of injury.

Lastly, our program is constantly being tweaked based on student feedback to be the best it can be.

Who are the instructors?

Tristan Cox is the lead instructor. He has been practicing yoga for more than half a decade – since 2012. His motto is “yoga every day”. And he lives this motto by practicing daily. That might mean he has time for one pose. More often than not he indulges in juicy 2 or even 3-hour sessions.

After working in corporate America for ten years he started a journey of self-discovery. This led him to yoga, healing, and service. He is certified in the classical Sivananda yoga lineage as of 2015. He taught yoga by donation in Ajijic, Mexico. And, he taught at an amazing resort in El Salvador on two different occasions as a volunteer. 

In 2017 he went to India for six months to deepen his personal yoga practice. He used this time to study classic texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and Light on Life by Iyengar, among others. He was also given the opportunity to teach students in Mumbai, Jaipur, and Gokarna.

His teaching style blends classical and modern yoga. When he is not teaching Sivananda’s “perfect practice” class, he teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative. He often custom-tailors each class based on the unique blend of attendees. He takes the time to get to know each student. Everybody gets something valuable out of his classes.

He believes in helping people identify their true values. He believes in living a more authentic life. He wants to share what he found.

Shanti Yoga also hires qualified teachers who are experts in their respective fields. We do not hire without testing our teachers prior to introducing them to our students. Further, we put as much emphasis on their people-skills as we do their subject knowledge. After all, it’s hard to learn from someone you don’t like personally.

We have an open door policy with students in terms of feedback. If you have a challenge with an instructor we ask you to let us know as soon as possible. We evaluate all feedback and take it seriously. Finally, we offer ways for students to provide feedback anonymously or in writing at the end of every training if they’re not comfortable doing so during the training.

What do you learn during lecture?

During Yoga Teacher Training we dedicate two hours every day to lecture.

In these lectures you will learn:

  • Philosophy
  • Ancient Yogic texts (Vedas, Sutras, etc.)
  • Ayurveda
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga Ethics
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Yoga as a Business

Our unique approach to yoga lecture is this:

  1. Yoga is a science, not a religion.
  2. Yoga is spiritual, but it should be experienced and practiced.
  3. We do not simply memorize facts. What you learn during a teacher training should be immediately applicable to your personal practice and to your teaching.

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200 Hour

Oct 7 – Oct 27 2019

Nov 4 – Nov 24 2019

Dec 2 – Dec 22 2019

Jan 6 – Jan 26 2020

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Dec 1 – Dec 30 2020

Jan 1 – Jan 30 2021

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Om Beach, India

$1,379 USD (includes training & accommodation)

100 Hour

Oct 7 – Oct 17 2019

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Om Beach, India

$779 USD (includes training & accommodation)

Pricing & Packages

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

21 Days
$ 779 You only pay our cost
  • Donation-based - pay what you want after
  • Authentic yoga training
  • Includes private accommodation
  • A way to kick-start a personal yoga practice
  • Portion of profit goes to community initiatives
  • Deepen your personal practice
  • Receive Yoga Alliance International Certificate and teach worldwide
  • Food not included - eat what you want

100-hour Yoga Teacher Training

11 Days
$ 479 You only pay our cost
  • Donation-based - pay what you want after
  • Authentic yoga training
  • Includes private accommodation
  • A way to kick-start a personal yoga practice
  • Portion of profit goes to community initiatives
  • Deepen your personal practice
  • Earn hours for Yoga Alliance Certificate and Continuing Education Credit
  • Food not included - eat what you want

Yoga Retreat - Relaxing Vacation

Cost per day
$ 49 Why pay more at a resort?
  • Do as much or as little yoga as you want
  • Authentic yoga classes
  • Includes private accommodation
  • A way to kick-start a personal yoga practice
  • Portion of profit goes to community initiatives
  • Deepen your personal practice
  • Opportunity to attend Yoga Teacher Training classes, if interested*
  • Three healthy vegetarian meals/day