Yoga For Beginners – The Best Way To Learn YogaShanti Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga For Beginners - The Best Way To Learn Yoga

Yoga For Beginners New to yoga? You want to know how to do yoga for beginners. And you want to know the best way to learn yoga. They say an ounce of practice is worth a pound of theory. So, let’s dive in and get you doing yoga. What is the best way to learn […]

Yoga for Runners – 12 simple posesShanti Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga For Runners - 12 Simple Poses

12 Simple Yoga Poses For Runners Yoga is great for runners. Therefore, a yoga session compliments a running routine perfectly. First, yoga prepares the body for a few laps. Moreover, yoga is a great way to stretch after a big race. What happens to a runner after lots of laps? First, tightness. Then, soreness. Above […]

Yoga For Back Pain – 9 Poses You Can Try TodayShanti Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga For Back Pain

Yoga for back pain So you have back pain. Not fun. Perhaps you’ve been told to try yoga for back pain. But does yoga help ease back pain and get you loose and limber again? The science behind yoga for back pain There are few really great studies showing the positive effects of yoga. However, […]

Yoga Poses for Beginners – With Easy InstructionsShanti Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Poses for Beginners - With Easy Instructions

Yoga poses for beginners – with easy instructions You are looking for yoga poses for beginners. Maybe you’ve never done yoga. You’re curious about the hype. Or perhaps you’ve done yoga and want to master the basics. Here is a list of yoga poses for beginners with instructions. Mountain pose First, stand with feet together […]

Finding a Yoga Teacher – 7 Simple StepsShanti Yoga School - Finding a Yoga Teacher

7 Simple Steps – Finding a Yoga Teacher They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. However, finding a yoga teacher these days may require some effort on your part. Here’s what you should do to find a yoga teacher. 1. Identify your needs. Are you new to yoga? For example, have you […]

Benefits of Yoga – 40 Reasons to StartShanti Yoga School - 40 Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of yoga are numerous Yoga was developed as a holistic system for better living. Therefore, it makes every aspect of life work together in harmony. First, yoga is more than just physical. It’s how you breathe. How you move. Eat. Think. How you treat others. And how you treat yourself. Read on for […]

Best Yoga Teacher Training – 18 Steps to FindShanti Yoga - Finding the Best Yoga Teacher Training - 18 Steps

What is the Best Yoga Teacher Training? The best yoga teacher training is a subjective thing. There are so many options out there. So many locations. And so many price points. How do you know where to even start? Read on to discover how to find the best yoga teacher training. Simply follow our 18 […]

Smart Goal Setting Secrets and HacksShanti Yoga School - Teacher Training - Smart Goal Setting - Ikigai

What is smart goal setting? Smart goal setting is about being hyper-focused towards success. But are there any hacks or secrets? Of course. Read on. Most importantly you need to know that success is goals oriented. Therefore, it is not means oriented. So what does this mean? To clarify, it means don’t focus so much […]

How To Engage Your Core EffectivelyShanti Yoga School - How To Engage Your Core

There’s more to learning how to engage your core then you think. The core includes the abs, obliques, tranversis abdominus, and even the glutes and leg muscles. That’s all superficial core, though. To activate the deep core muscles we need to use the pelvic floor muscles. These are muscles deep within the center of the […]

Mindfulness Techniques You Can Do AnywhereShanti Yoga School - Mindfulness Techniques

I teach mindfulness techniques to yogis who come to my Yoga Teacher Trainings. Here are some of my go-to Mindfulness Techniques: 1. Counting the breath While waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store I’ll often count my breath down from 20. Inhale, 20. Exhale, 20. Inhale, 19. Exhale, 19. Etc. This immediately calms […]