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There’s more to learning how to engage your core then you think. The core includes the abs, obliques, tranversis abdominus, and even the glutes and leg muscles.

That’s all superficial core, though. To activate the deep core muscles we need to use the pelvic floor muscles. These are muscles deep within the center of the body and they are the key to core health.

How do you activate the pelvic floor? It’s difficult to explain. And a bit controversial. But we’re all adults here. So let’s dive in.

Instructions on how to engage your core

First squeeze the muscles as if you’re stopping mid-urination. Now squeeze the anal sphincter shut. The pelvic floor muscles are actually in-between these two.

If you’re a man you know you’re squeezing the pelvic floor muscles if your testicles lift up towards your body.

If you’re a woman you know you’re squeezing the pelvic floor muscles if it’s the same muscle that is activated during a strong orgasm.

Finally, sometimes it helps to draw your belly button in towards the back of your spine.

More tips and tricks

You may not be able to activate the pelvic floor muscles right away. But keep practicing a few times a day with the tips above. After a few days you will feel them activate. 

Engaging the core is super important during yoga. The core stabilizes. What does this mean? It means that your body works most efficiently when you use your core muscles to assist your body in maintaining proper posture. By keeping your core engaged and strong all other muscles will work more efficiently. This means your strong core will lead to better posture, more energy, higher confidence, less injury, and limited pain.

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