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What is Yoga Mantra?

You can penetrate the depths of the unconscious by practicing yoga mantra. Mantra is the repetition of audible sound. Sound is vibration that can affect energy. Because yoga recognizes everything is energy, mantra is used to adjust the vibrations of your being.

Mantras are mystical universal sounds that resonate with our chakras and remove negative energies. You can benefit from this powerful healing energy. Therefore, it is important to take the time to chant. It is not about our ego or “the self”. Mantra is for a higher purpose.

Why do it?

We chant to express our devotion to something higher than ourselves. Therefore, we do it to open our heart. Finally, by opening our heart we learn to live in peace and compassion with all.

Consequently, mantra is the fastest, easiest, and most joyful way to achieve peace of mind.

How is mantra related to Yoga?

Yogis believe the entire universe is made of sound. As such, mantra is a powerful tool for altering reality.

Yoga and Mantra originated around the same time in the Indus valley. This was during the Vedic period. The Vedas, a collection of teachings from this era, mentions the word yoga for the first time. These texts also contain mantras used to invoke powerful energies to benefit the chanter.

How do you practice mantra?

Mantras are sounds vibrated by chanting aloud, quietly in your mind, or by listening to others. Another way you can benefit from mantra is by listening to a recording. It is better to practice mantra using your own voice, though.

At Shanti Yoga we have yoga mantra class daily. As a result, our students experience for themselves the transformative power of this practice.

Do you wish to learn more about mantra? Join us for a teacher training. Learn more.

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