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What is yoga meditation?

Yoga meditation is the ultimate technique for understanding the self. After all, knowing who you are is the end goal of yoga.

Firstly, meditation is performed by observing without judgment. Furthermore, exactly what you observe during meditation depends on the yoga meditation style. Typically focus is on the breath. Finally, after meditating for some time – even as low as 20 minutes per session – you should feel calmer and less stressed.

Forms of yoga meditation

There are many different ways to meditate. Almost all types require you to focus on the breath. So, here are some of the styles we teach at Shanti Yoga School:

  • Vipassana. The focus here is on the rising and falling action of the belly as you inhale and exhale.
  • Vasistha. Named after a famous Vedic rishi, this type has you focus on the feel of breath in the body as it travels from nostrils, to lungs, then stomach, and back out.
  • Tantric. To perform, visualize each chakra starting from the root to the third eye or crown as you inhale, and in reverse order as you exhale.
  • Trataka/drishtis. This is the only style of meditation we teach with open eyes. As a result, you focus the gaze on one point. Almost all other types of meditation are performed with eyes closed.
  • Guided. We guide you through most of these meditation styles. Especially in the beginning of a yoga teacher training. However, by the end, you will be performing meditations without guidance. Furthermore, you’ll even learn how to guide and teach others.

Practicing meditation

Meditation is part of our yoga teacher training curriculum. We teach various meditation techniques. As a result you will achieve benefits such as reduced stress and higher levels of compassion.

Are you interested in knowing more about meditation? Click here to learn more about our yoga teacher trainings.

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  1. This article is a source of inspiration for me, it helps me a lot in sleep problems. I also use Rain Sounds to fall asleep easily. Thanks, keep it up!

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