200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Shanti Yoga School - Om Beach - India - 200 hour yoga teacher training graduation

Who is this for?

“I want to be a yoga teacher”


“I want to deepen my understanding of yoga for my own personal practice”


The 200-hour yoga teacher training course is for you if you want a deeper understanding of yoga and have 3 weeks to dedicate to learning. This course is OK for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. Everybody can learn something new in this training.

The main differences from the 100-hour course and this 200-hour course:

– There will be a greater emphasis on learning techniques for leading group and individual yoga classes.

– You will be required to create and run your own group yoga class.

– You will receive a 200 hour certification. Some corporate gyms and studios require this certificate.

Upcoming trainings, locations, cost

Oct 7 – Oct 27 2019

Nov 4 – Nov 24 2019

Dec 2 – Dec 22 2019

Jan 6 – Jan 26 2020

Feb 3 – Feb 23 2020

Dec 1 – Dec 30 2020

Jan 1 – Jan 30 2021

Feb 1 – Mar 2 2021

Om Beach, India

$1,379 USD (includes training & accommodation)

More info

For more information on the topics below please visit the teacher training page as the descriptions are the same across all programs (though the training is different):



Typical schedule

When to arrive

What to bring & wear

Karma yoga



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