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Starting your Yoga Business

You want to get your teaching certificate so you can start a yoga business? Yoga is booming. Seems like everybody is doing yoga, so why not teach?

Is there money in teaching yoga?

Well, it is an unfortunate reality: we need money to live in modern society. Because of this, some people want to become yoga teachers as a way of earning income. We encourage this, as long as its done authentically and ethically.

However, you will not get rich quick teaching yoga. Because it takes a while to master the craft you will likely not earn much when first starting out. Still, it’s a noble goal and it can be an amazing lifestyle.

How do you teach yoga business?

At Shanti Yoga we teach our students about the modern yoga ecosystem from the business perspective. This education is unique. Further, our staff has extensive experience with the industries and technologies that matter to modern yogis. Finally, we have made money teaching yoga. So we can teach you how to make money, too.

Here are some of the topics you might learn at a Shanti Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Social media marketing (Facebook, instagram, etc.)
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Online yoga offerings (videos, livestreams, courses, etc.)
  • Yoga studio management
  • Workshop and retreat planning
  • Traveling and teaching
  • Digital production (image editing, video production, etc.)
  • Group classes vs. private lessons
  • Platform management (WeTravel, BookYogaRetreats, etc.)

The exact topics we cover in a teacher training depends on you. For example, what areas are you interested in? Tell us what type of yoga teacher do you want to be? What is the exact yoga business you hope to start?

Tell us what you need. Attend a yoga teacher training and allow us to help you get started on your noble path.

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