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Yoga Ethics

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Yoga Ethics

What does yoga ethics mean?

Firstly, yoga ethics is about being aware of how you treat other people. Similarly, it’s about knowing what it means to be a living, breathing yogi in today’s modern world.

Student teacher relationship

Shanti Yoga School offers advice for yoga teachers-to-be on how to behave ethically. It boils down to this: as a yoga teacher you’re in a position of power. Furthermore, you are the “teacher” in the student-teacher relationship. Also, to act ethically, you simply need to realize that with great power comes great responsibility. Therefore, it is your duty to treat students fairly, act in their best interest, and not abuse your power for selfish reasons. Simple.


As a yoga teacher you have to understand that students will come to your class with baggage. This is called trauma. Perhaps they were abused physically or psychologically. You may do or say something that triggers this trauma. Are you prepared to deal with a student who reacts negatively, even if your intentions are noble?


Students may flirt. Sometimes it means they’re into you. Other times it’s just how they act with everyone. For these reasons, it may be hard to tell the difference. It’s best not to indulge, reciprocate, or attempt to move a step beyond flirting. Let the student define the boundary and do no cross it. Let them lead. And if they cross one of your boundaries, say something.

Yoga Ethics and Lifestyle

How do you live yogically? What does it mean to be a yogi? How does yoga define ethics?

Ask 100 yoga practitioners and you’ll receive 101 different answers. Alternatively, consulting ancient yogic texts will produce even more guidelines. Sometimes contradictory ones. However, these rules were compiled by humans and therefore reflect the morals during their respective time periods.

Therefore, there is no simple answer. At Shanti Yoga School we teach you to live with awareness and non-attachment. Don’t judge what is ethical or not. Just treat others the way you want to be treated. And when you see something that disturbs you do not judge it. Just observe what is.

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